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Welcome to the American Voters Association (AVA) web site.

How much is "this" going to cost our children, and given that, among other things, they already owe the federal government over $55,000.00 each as their share of the $17.58 Trillion National Debt, as well as being expected to fund their share of the estimated $128 Trillion worth of "unfunded federal entitlement liabilities," what information do you have that leads you to believe they can afford to take on this additional cost?

This is a question we never ask politicians. The mission of the AVA is to organize people for the purpose of changing that, starting on the federal level.

The plan is to have AVA volunteers interview every U. S. Senator and Representative every month. The first interview will focus on the overall federal budget, starting with the above question. Subsequent interviews will focus on various parts of the federal budget, again starting with the above question.

These interviews will be be taped and posted on our web site for members to watch at their leisure. Additionally, these interviews could be incorporated into the high school curriculum, perhaps in a civics class, or in a current events class. I think our kids need to know how much their government is costing them.

This process will be duplicated on the state and local level in due course.

Membership in the AVA is free. If you see value in this plan, join and let your friends know. If you don't see any value in this plan, please let me know.

Thank you. My name is Terrance Bushard. I am a 65 year old life long resident of St. Paul, MN. I've earned a degree in business from the University of Minnesota and am mostly retired from the printing business.

Terrance Bushard: bushardprinting@comcast.net