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Have you ever heard a politician say, "vote for me and I will put an unfair financial beating on America's children?" Of course not.

Yet, American politicians put an unfair financial beating on America's children on a daily basis. If you doubt that statement, you should visit the web site: usdebtclock.org

How do politicians get away with this financial beating without ever having to explain their behavior to the American people? The answer is simple!

The American people have never organized for the sole purpose of doing so, and doing so in a consistant and organized manner!

The mission of the The American Voters Association (AVA) is to organize voters on line, for the sole purpose of asking U. S. Senators and Representatives to explain and answer questions, on line, about the financial fairness of their decisions to America's children, and to do so on a continual and timely basis. Membership is free.

The questions will always, and only focus on the financial fairness of their decisions to America's children. There is no downside to asking questions and to not ask questions is to imply consent to whatever they do and whoever is doing it, either Republican or Democrat. Are the American people really okay with this? I hope not. Pay attention!!!

The the program will start in a staggered manner as we gain members in states and congressional districts. For details, see FAQ #1.

There is nothing complicated or controversial about this program. Join!

My name is Terrance Bushard. I am a 70 year old life long resident of St. Paul, MN. I've earned a degree in business from the University of Minnesota and am retired from the printing business.