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Politics is an on-going process through which financial advantages and disadvantages are distributed throughout society.

Polticians are in the business of distributing financial advantages and disadvantages throughout society.

Politicians, both Republicans and Democrats,have distributed some serious financial disadvantages to America's children in the forms of debt, waste, fraud and abuse and unfunded federal liabilities. (see usdebtclock.org for details).

Neither Republicans nor Democrats have ever had to explain and answer questions about the fairness of the financial disadvantages they are distributing to America's children to the American people, because the American people have never organized for the purpose of asking them to do so.

Can you connect these dots?

The mission of the The American Voters Association (AVA) is to organize voters on line, for the sole purpose of asking your two U. S. Senators and your U. S. Representative to explain and answer questions, on line, about fairness of the financial disadvantages they are distributing to America's children, and to do so on a continual and timely basis. Membership is free.

This has to become the highest priority for anyone who claims to care about America's children.

The questions will always, and only focus on the financial fairness of their decisions to America's children. There is no downside to asking questions!

The the program will start in a staggered manner as we gain members in states and congressional districts. For details, see FAQ #1.

There is nothing complicated or controversial about this program. Join! Anyone who claims they care about kids should join. Anyone who claims to be a financial patriot should join. And, every young person should join.

My name is Terrance Bushard. I am a 69 year old life long resident of St. Paul, MN. I've earned a degree in business from the University of Minnesota and am retired from the printing business.