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America's children have a problem and they need you to be part of the solution.

Their problem is that politicians have never had to explain the financial impact of their decisions on America's children to the American people because the American people have never been organized for the purpose of asking them to do so.

Our failure to organize for the above purpose doesn't appear to be working out very well for the kids. (see FAQ's #1) Fortunately, the internet provides a convenient opportunity for us to organize on line to solve this problem.

The mission of the American Voters Association (AVA) is to organize people for the purpose of asking politicians to explain and answer questions about the financial impact of their decisions on America's children and to do so on a continual and timely basis. Membership is free.

The plan is to have AVA representatives interview every U. S. Senator and Representative every month. The interviews will always, and only focus on the financial impact of their decisions on America's children. (see FAQ's #2) The interviews will be be taped and posted on our web site for members to read, watch, or listen to at their leisure.

This program will have a sobering effect on politicians because they will have to own their financial abuse of America's children, if they choose to continue the abuse. This is what our kids need us to do!

The program will start when we reach 435,000 members. (see FAQ's #3)

Join now! Endorse the plan and spread the word.

Thank you for your attention. My name is Terrance Bushard. I am a 66 year old life long resident of St. Paul, MN. I've earned a degree in business from the University of Minnesota and am mostly retired from the printing business.